Turning your EMOTIONS into a professional asset

Target population

All levels, all functions.
Everyone is concerned !


Catalog Training

English Speaking countries

To include in the Company Catalog, available  to staff or  to set up an action for a Service, one or several teams.

2 to 6 participants

By videoconference : 14 hours  (in 4 to 6 modules)

A Preparatory OBJECTIVE Sheet is sent to the participants.

if you wish a more contextualized training, a preparatory video meeting will be organized.



(by videoconference) 


Depending on the goals :


TRAINING  –   10 hours :  2 500 €

Number of sessions and frequency, defined with the trainee.


Operational COURSE

Conctact us to clarify the context, the progress points and the challenges to face. We send a proposal with total duration and cost.



During the training, you will have acquired skills which will enable you to :

  • identify your « resource » emotions and boost them wisely,

  • Identify your « limiting » emotions and find alternatives,

  • prepare yourself optimally for situations which represent a significant challenge,

  • adopt a constructive attitude towards your interlocutors’ emotional reactions.

Possible Program Development

Understanding and assessing how you function emotionally

Understanding the role of emotions and clearly spotting their triggers in order to respond appropriately
Identifying the four basic emotions and associated feelings
Identifying how you express your most frequent emotions
Assessing their influence on your daily behavior and professional performance

Control your “limiting” emotions

Identifying « beliefs », rules, limiting emotions to become more flexible
Taking emotional distance in difficult situations
Using breathing techniques to stay calm and efficient in any circumstances

Unlocking your potential success

Identifying your  « resource » emotions and using them efficiently thanks to anchoring techniques
Developing thoughts which create confidence and serenity
Using the power of emotions to prepare and create success stories

Using your emotions as a relational asset

Being able to express your feelings, your needs in a respectful and constructive way
Identifying behaviors linked to limiting emotions and knowing how to respond appropriately
Showing empathy towards others and helping them to express their needs and get in touch with their “resource” emotions