→    Our EXPERTISE       

HUMAN capital is the wealth of companies :

  • it is based on a subtle blend of interpersonal skills, development of potential and quality of being and

  • this translates in motivation and efficiency.

This is the reason why, for more than 30 years, we focuse our expertise on behavioral skills (SOFT SKILLS)

   Know yourself better, accept yourself
   Develop self-confidence
   Recognize ones own emotions and those of others to manage them appropriately
   Be flexible and open to change
   Communicate effectively, know how to listen, convince, better understand others
   Manage ones time, stress
   Develop ones managerial qualities  : delegate, motivate, act as a manager Coach
   Be creative, innovative, proactive….

For example, in the next section "Training TOPICS” we offer some group trainings over 2 days.

What we particularly appreciate, is to

  • establish a trust relationship with the General Director, HR / Training Managers or a Business Unit Director and

  • build CUSTOMiZED original programs, which meet their needs and

  • support them on the long term.

→    Please refer to CUSTOMIZED Trainings.

            →    Group CATALOG  Trainings

English-speaking countries  (quotation on request)

Under the "Training TOPICS" tab on our site, you will find the list of available programs and modes of intervention .

You wish to :

offer certain programmes in the Company Catalog , which is available to staff,  set up an action for a Service, one or several teams

For a group of 2 to 6 participants

Face to face :  2 days
By videoconference : 14 hours   (in 4 to 6 modules)

A Preparatory OBJECTIVE Sheet is sent to the participants

if you wish a tailor-made, more contextualized training, a preparatory video meeting will be organized.

We will send you a quotation with the trainer's presentation and availability. We agree on the organization.

             →   CUSTOMIZED trainings      

English-speaking countries  (quotation on request )

For established teams or a specific category of employees.

On the basis of a request expressed by a Supervisor (for his teams) or an HR / Training Manager, clarification of the project and building of a CUSTOM-MADE action.

You call us to give us the background and the challenges. You can complete this first interview by sending us more detailed specifications.  

We remain in close contact with you, throughout the implementation and throughout the realization of the action, to readjust, to make evolve, if necessary.


            →    INDIVIDUAL Programs     

English-speaking countries  (quotation on request)

Under the "Training TOPICS" tab, list of available programs and modes of intervention : Individual TRAINING (T) or Operational CURSUS (Cs).

  • Easy to set up (ZOOM, TEAMS….system) through a computer
  • Flexibility in scheduling and duration of sessions
  • Inter-sessional implementation.

For an INDIVIDUAL, the request comes from the employee, the line manager, the HR or Training Manager.

Depending on the objectives pursued :

acquire concepts and knowledge : you choose the Individual TRAINING (10 hours)

have specific answers, for immediate implementation in professional life : you choose the  operational COURSES :
       Conctact us to clarify the context, the progress points and the challenges to face.
We send a proposal with total duration and cost.