More than 20 years in Services Companies like BJ Services/ Baker, Halliburton and Weatherford as Technical and Region Manager.
One year with an Operator Company PDO in Muscat, Oman.
Worked in Onshore and Offshore In North Africa, West Africa, Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Intense training in UK, France and USA  in Technical side and Management/ Sales.

Trained many Engineers from the operators company mainly and also trained operators / helpers in Africa for running the Cutting, blending Cement with additives.

Based in Dubai.   Trilingual : English – French – Arabic.

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INTERCONNECTION within your Organization, in order to :

  • Elaborate long term training plan, we will CUSTOMIZE the training according to the needs for one or more trainees. It will be a closed and empathy relation.

  • Accommodate your priorities, we will WORK with you to determine the BEST training FORMAT and DURATION to meet your needs, assuring you the highest return on your training investment.

    We know that TIMING and BUDGET are important when considering any training.

  • Develop a TAILOR-MADE solutions, developed based on your needs and constraints, will be the most effective in supporting you and the development of the trainee. All our proposals are built taking into account your own specificities and your development objectives.

  • Start with a LEVEL 1 with the basics and we will provide another advanced level, if required.


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  • Listen and identify of your technical and operation needs and objectives, taking into account your company culture, your values and your constraints.

  • Provide High quality training of your employees is a major factor to reaching your goal.

  • Take into the consideration of existing tools and equipment in the oilfield business.

The more you know, the better you can do your job.


  • Adapting to your size and your needs.

  • Will identify a performance gap which can be attributed to the lack of skills or knowledge required to perform a task to the required standard.

  • Identification of your key skills and development objectives.

  • Implementation of evaluation programs to identify the High Potentials.

  • Our highly skilled specialist offer unique training plans and support.

  • Our training enhances skills for all user levels and helps you ensure the appropriate level of competencies among your employees.


  • We are Efficient and motivated teams.

  • A company orientation towards excellence and results.

  • Training are to generate value for the company while developing skills and knowledge for the employees.

xTelephone :  + 971 56 213 99 60

mail : contact@iehp-int.com

Oilfield CEMENTING Course 

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Provide participants with an understanding of cementing technology, used in both primary and remedial cementing operations.

Understand :

  • Slurry design concepts

  • Chemicals and additives used and their purpose

  • Lab Guideline

Bulk blending and handling equipment will be discussed to ensure each participant is familiar with basic cementing equipment.

The participants will be able to evaluate proposed designs and understand the purpose of the additives in place in cement system design. 

The importance of mud removal and methods, which may be chosen to accomplish effective mud removal.

Job and procedure design will be developed by the participants and the use of cement simulation and design software will be covered.

Job execution will be discussed so that the participants will be able to understand the problems and improve cement jobs on oil and gas wells.

New products and uses of cement in oil and gas wells is an important element of successful well construction in advanced level.

How these new technologies can be used to combat gas migration, lost circulation, and cement quality will be covered in detail. 

Cement job evaluation will be covered, with specific training on cement evaluation logs and interpretation.

Cement performance related to industry standards and how the standards apply to land and deep water operations will also be discussed in advanced level.

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Mail : contact@iehp-int.com

Oilfield STIMULATION Course 

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Introduction of the Geology of  the different formations.

Demonstrate and understand the objectives of Matrix Acidizing in Carbonates and Sandstones.

Lab Guideline with the different chemical and additives used and their purpose.

Establish a knowledge of the potential problems encountered during Acidizing  Sandstones (by   products, etc.).

Show  an understanding  of the different types of acids used in Sandstone and Carbonates acidizing and their applications.

Demonstrate a knowledge of the different type of damage

Establish an understanding of the chemical reactions of acid with the formation.

Demonstrate a knowledge of the by-products of the chemical reactions of acid with the formation.

Show the ability to identify specific acidizing applications in the operations.

Telephone :  + 971 56 213 99 60

Mail : contact@iehp-int.com