Positivate one’s relationship with TIME and manage it better

Target population

Managers, Business Engineers, Sales, working alone or in teams, Assistants...


Catalog Training

English Speaking countries

To include in the Company Catalog, available  to staff or  to set up an action for a Service, one or several teams.

2 to 6 participants

By videoconference : 14 hours  (in 4 to 6 modules)

A Preparatory OBJECTIVE Sheet is sent to the participants.

if you wish a more contextualized training, a preparatory video meeting will be organized.



(by videoconference) 


Depending on the goals :


TRAINING  –   10 hours :  2 500 €

Number of sessions and frequency, defined with the trainee.


Operational COURSE

Conctact us to clarify the context, the progress points and the challenges to face. We send a proposal with total duration and cost.



During the training, you will have acquired skills which will enable you to :

  • develop strategies in order to consider time as your ally,

  • prioritize and manage conflict between your own needs and the expectations of your line managers as well as your internal and external partners,

  • reduce time-wasting,

  • find alternatives to “being rushed off your feet”.

Possible Program Development

Understanding your relationship with time

Being aware of your own perception of time in the organization of your work
Determining why you’re short of time
Identifying your current strategies and attitudes
Identifying « time thieves » Saying “no” in favor of priorities
Defining selection criteria in relation to your activities
Adjusting your behavior.

Setting priorities and implementing them

Defining accurate and realistic objectives
Identifying priorities in terms of what is important and what is urgent
Adopting the slogan :  every problem carries a solution
Delegating effectively
Maintaining a flexible attitude towards the unexpected

Anticipating effectively

Taking into account your inner time cycles
Defining and scheduling tasks for better time management
Projecting yourself into the future, using retro-planning

Time management and others

Expressing and defending your choices in terms of organization and time management
Negotiating time frames when required
Asking for help if necessary
Saying NO to excessive demands
Giving yourself time to think