OILFIELD STIMULATION COURSE, Beginner and New experienced


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Target population

Engineers, Supervisors


English Speaking countries

From 4 to 10 participants : 3 days

2 or 3 participants :  2 days

The training can be customized as per the Training Dpt or the Line Manager decision.

A phone call can be set up before the starting of the training.

The training can be performed in the client facilities or in a room in a business center.

PDF presentations will be displayed.

A lot of theory and practical situations will de discussed during the sessions.

The good ambiance and the inter-action between the trainees and the consultant is very important to gain from this experience.

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10 hours

Number of sessions and frequency, defined with the trainee.

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During the training, you will have acquired skills which will enable you to :

  • Understand the purpose of the different Lab test for stimulating a well.

  • Prepare an Acid program design in Carbonate/Sandstone Formation.

  • Understand the operations for each job.

  • Learn different tools and equipment of the operation.

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Possible Program Development

Introduction to Acidizing

  • Understand the basics of using the Acid

  • Formation properties and Mineralogy


Acid Design Matrix

  • How to make an Acid program for Carbonates and Sandstone Formations

  • Pressure

  • Acid dilution

  • Practice problems

  • Different type of damage


Acidizing Operation

  • Bulheading and Unit equipment

  • Coiled Tubing

  • Using Tools



More than 20 years in Services Companies like BJ Services/ Baker, Halliburton and Weatherford as Technical and Region Manager.

One year with an Operator Company PDO in Muscat, Oman.

Worked in Onshore and Offshore In North Africa, West Africa, Azerbaijan and the Middle East. Intense training in UK, France and USA  in Technical side and Management/ Sales. Trained many Engineers from the operators company mainly and also trained operators / helpers in Africa for running the Cutting, blending Cement with additives.

Based in Dubai.   Trilingual : English – French – Arabic.

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