Mastering STRESS and gaining ENERGY

Target population

All levels, all functions.
Everyone is concerned !


Catalog Training

English Speaking countries

To include in the Company Catalog, available  to staff or  to set up an action for a Service, one or several teams.

2 to 6 participants 

By videoconference : 14 hours  (in 4 to 6 modules)

A Preparatory OBJECTIVE Sheet is sent to the participants.

if you wish a more contextualized training, a preparatory video meeting will be organized.



(by videoconference) 


TRAINING  –   10 hours :  2 500 €

Number of sessions and frequency, defined with the trainee.




During the training, you will have acquired skills which will enable you to :

  • react better to events and pressing and repeated requests, whatever they are,

  • optimize the use of your resource potential,

  • adopt rejuvenating practices,

  • enjoy more serenity daily or exceptional challenges,

  • approach daily or exceptional challenges with more serenity.

Possible Program Development

Recognize that you’re stressed

Impact on the activation and the inhibition of your actions
Internal and external factors
Personal physical, intellectual, emotional and social signals

Understanding your own reactions and those of others

Identifying mechanisms and mental representations that generate feelings and stress reactions

Remain in control of your life in difficult situations

Finding or rediscovering the meaning of your actions, choices, decisions
Having motivating and realistic objectives which shape the future

Choosing a creative learning point of view

Learning from each situation that has proved a difficult experience
Understanding the message contained in your emotions and regulating those which inhibit or overwhelm you

Changing ineffective strategies and reconsidering self-limiting beliefs

Transforming negative thoughts into constructive approaches

Preserving or discovering peace of mind, energy, control of critical situations

Quickly reducing useless tensions
Renewing your resources and using those present in your surroundings