Build a CAREER and TALENTS management policy 


→     WHY ? For what PURPOSE  ?

 This is today one of the major issues for company leaders facing transformation & mutation.


  • Build a talent tracking plan.

  • Define needs, according to the business model, build the further talent pool

How to identify, guide, support and develop the "High Potentials"?

 What solutions, adapted to my resources, to my organization, must be put in place ?



  • Reduce recruitment error in the internal or external, collective or individual recruitment process.

How to evaluate potential performance of your candidates for a job.



  • Understand people’s potential

  • Build individual development program

How to build an assessment process?

How to develop and retain talented people in the organization?

      Build a CAREER and TALENTS management policy   

→    Your NEEDS   ♦   Our  SOLUTIONS  ♦   Your BENEFITS

Your project is currently already well defined or you are still at the development stage.
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Our interlocutors/our partners :

  • The Company Director in a SMB 

  • The Head of the a Talent Management practice

We are convinced that tailor-made solutions that take into account your needs and your constraints will be the most effective to support you in your development.

Our proposals are built with your own specifics in mind.


 Includes identifying your development needs and goals, taking into account your corporate culture and values.

It’s important to consider the existing tools in your company, in terms of career development identification of high-flyers individuals, and the recruitment processes of your talents.



  • Creation and implementation of a business project, adapted to your size and needs.

  • Identification of your key competencies and development objectives.

  • Implementation of evaluation programs to identify your "high-potential"

  • Creation of a career management program : implementation of training & coaching programs.

  • To make more pertinent choices for managing performance, developing people potential and improving recruitment choice.

Our SOLUTIONS include psychometric tools :  TALENT Q™

It offers a wide range of psychometric tools available in 43 languages  :
♦    DIMENSIONS™ an online PERSONALITY questionnaire
♦    DRIVES™ is an online  MOTIVATION questionnaire



  • Efficient and motivated teams

  • Corporate focus on excellence and results

  • Successful recruitment

  • Objective decision making.

     Build a CAREER and TALENTS management policy   


→    Examples of INTERVENTIONS throughout your business


Introducing a new organization by region

A company needs to fill the positions of regional managers. The company looks to identify the “High potential” who will be the best candidates. 


Internal mobility program

An expert role within the company needs to take up a senior management position.


Assistance in the recruitment process for small & medium sized companies

Definition of needs, skills & competencies.