Anticipate DISPUTES and defuse workplace CONFLICT Creative NEGOTIATION

Target population

Experienced managers (operational or functional), Sales Managers, Consultants…


Catalog Training

English Speaking countries

To include in the Company Catalog, available  to staff or  to set up an action for a Service, one or several teams.

2 to 6 participants

By videoconference : 14 hours  (in 4 to 6 modules)

A Preparatory OBJECTIVE Sheet is sent to the participants.

if you wish a more contextualized training, a preparatory video meeting will be organized.



(by videoconference) 


Depending on the goals :


TRAINING  –   10 hours :  2 500 €

Number of sessions and frequency, defined with the trainee.


Operational COURSE

Conctact us to clarify the context, the progress points and the challenges to face. We send a proposal with total duration and cost.



During the training, you will have acquired skills which will enable you to :

  • use your abilities to maintain or restore positive relationships,

  • get out of tricky or daily stalemate situations,

  • develop common ground in order to increase efficiency.

Possible Program Development

Anticipating disputes

Being watchful regarding emerging tensions, in order to manage them immediately
Identifying what is important to you and for the others
Making distinction between facts, interpretations, judgments and opinions

Establishing a positive relationship, based on mutual respect

Clarifying the situation
Identifying the positions of each other and their values motivating their actions or reactions
Avoiding apriorisms and reducing representations
Showing a quiet and asserted behavior

Expressing your ideas and beliefs

What is negotiable, what is not
Collecting objective information, asking respectfully, reformulating, relying on facts
Highlighting areas of agreement and disagreement
Distinguishing implied needs behind the objections

Looking for creative ways to proceed

Carefully clarifying the intention
Being more flexible, allowing real cooperation
Building a sustainable outcome win / win for each party

Setting up a follow-up

Strengthening a new link, favorable for better collaboration